The world moves fast, so every second counts.One thing's true for every commercial kitchen: you'd better move fast or get out of the way. With the EXPEDITOR Family of Culinary Blenders, speed is the rule. EXPEDITOR Culinary Blenders aren't like ordinary food blenders. They're built to exceed your expectations for efficiency in running a successful commercial kitchen, helping you to maximize speed-to-table and uphold an impeccable customer experience.

imageWhich EXPEDITOR Series is right for you?

Hamilton Beach Commercial strategically designed the entire EXPEDITOR Family to ensure that your kitchen achieves the perfect balance of agility, productivity, and capacity.

We think you'll find the whole line indispensable -- but if you're only looking for one option right now, we've identified four critical considerations to help you decide which one is right for you.

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What's your signature? Guiding all this effort is a shared goal: to accentuate the expression of every chef's artistic vision. It's what drives the best chefs, kitchens, and establishments all over the world. The EXPEDITOR Family of Culinary Blenders supports the applications, recipes and cuisines that help to distinguish the establishment, the dishes, and the chef. Often, it is the purees, the emulsions, the drizzles, the dressings, the dips, the sauces, along with the ingredients and presentation that contribute most to the style and artistry of the cuisine. With the EXPEDITOR Family, it is our highest priority to reinforce your vision, your team, and your signature of flavor.